Terrapin Xfinity Camaro (Custom)

Jeremy works for Terrapin Networks ( www.terrapinit.com ) and asked if I could paint a Camaro for him. I really wanted the design to flow in the same manner as the main logo so to speak. This is not too flashy but I am not normally about that anyway. I just wanted something real clean that he could be proud of. Special thanks to Mr. Nethercote for his wonderful layers. Makes these paints that much better.

STP Xfinity Camaro (Custom)

Nothing to crazy. Just something nice and clean for David. I have also added an October version. Special thanks to Matthew Nethercote for his wonderful highlight layers and additions.

Eckrich Impala Old (Replica)

Mr. Wade requested a replica of Aric Armirola's Eckrich Sprint car on the IMPB. There are a couple things that I have fixed since taking these pictures prior to sending him the car. Just a few small things but these pictures represent the car as a whole.
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Page: 1, 2,
Cereal IMPB old (Custom)

This was a request from Mr. Glenn Wade. He asked that I do something similar to a previous paint he had done some time ago on the old IMPB. I had alot of fun doing this paint. Not sure why but it could be because it was just something a bit different. I would also like to thank Mr. Rundell for his contributions. He is the reason my cars look so purdy now.
Here is the link to the original post: Cereal
STP IMPB old (Custom)

I wanted to thank Mr. Cater for his help with community setups in the B series.

The only way I new how to thank him was to do a paint for him. Special thanks to Mr. Rundell for his enhancements. Here is the link to the original post: STP

The Orange version was requested and added later.
Eiland Pools IMPB old(Custom)

Bryan's friend owns Eiland Pools. He asked if I would paint him an Impala B car with his friends website logo as the main sponsor. Now, his friend has a different new logo then the one on the site which I have applied to the car. He has just not updated his site quite yet. I also used the graphic in the main logo as part of the design on the side of the car.