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Perky Jerky Silverado 15' (Custom/Replica)

Man, this sucker was a lot of work. So many flipping layers and built logos. Replica of Kimi Räikkönen's 2011 Race Truck ...

Special thanks to Mr. Nethercote for his great highlight layers.
Pepsi / Breast Cancer Silverado Old (Custom / Replica)

Malik asked that I paint him a Pepsi Max silverado in a style for breast cancer awareness month. These are only for the month of October. He requested one for day and one for night so I did two versions. It took a bit of time to get the flames to match the ones that Gordon uses for his Pepsi Max but I think they came out pretty good. I also had to build the hood logo as well.
SEM Realty Silverado Old (Custom)

This is the truck version of the SEM reality scheme I did on the Gen 6 SS for Mr. Jewell.

AMP energy juice Silverado Old (Custom/Replica)

This was a request paint for Mr. Ross. He requested that I transfer Dale jr's 2010 amp energy juice nationwide scheme to the silverado. For me, a paint like this is all about the details.
Racing Electronics Silverado Old (Custom)

Branden Parker asked that I paint him a custom silverado based around his friends company "Racing Electronics" . I would like to thank Mr. Rundell for his enhancements.

The lower image is a alt version of the truck for Branden's teammate Josh Steten. Silverado Old (Custom)

Daniel asked if I could paint a Silverado for him with as the primary sponsor with NC Tarheels as the secondary in the Tarheels colors.