Jagermeister SLM (Custom)

Shawn asked if I could paint up a SLM with Jager as the main and Trading Paints as the secondary, with RPM thrown in there. This was kind of a fun paint to do. Big thanks to Mathew Nethercote, Mr. Johnston and zone 15 for the addons.
CenturyLink IMPA old (Custom)

Mr. Samuel Doughty asked me to do a CenturyLink IMPA for him with the secondary sponsor being prism. There were certainly some tricky sections in this paint but I am happy with the results. I have added a couple of reference pics that were the only ones I really had to work from. Thank you again to Mr. Rundell for some of his enhancements.
Here is the link to the original post: CenturyLink
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STP SLM (Custom)

I wanted to do something a little different then the others I have done for David. With the style of the body and how the one side is more narrow I showed him this to see if he liked it. He liked the idea so I finished it up. Nothing super special or crazy but I think it does the trick. David also wanted to keep it pretty simple and clean to go with the traditional slm schemes. Special thanks to Matthew Nethercote, Walt Walker and Nick Johnston for their great add ons.
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Monster Street Stock (Custom)

Avery Coor was new and was looking in the General Paint Forum for someone to do a couple paints for him. I offered to do a simple Monster Energy SS that he was looking for. Very simple and very clean. Credit to Tim Brokaw for his Front end layer which made the SS look that much better.
Air Force LM (Custom)

Just a little something i wanted to do for my newest series I plan to run. (Had a plan anyway, lol) In honor of my AirMen son.
Ski Modified (Replica)

Eric asked if I could paint a replica of his real Modified for iRacing. There were a few problems with the difference in body styles so I had to do some things different. A lot of sponsor work in this one.