Work in Progress
-Details and Pricing

First and foremost I am all about details and quality. If it takes me a week to produce a specific paint then it takes me a week. I will never rush a paint. If you need a paint in a day then I am not the man for the job my friend. It will usually take me about a week to complete a paint. Sometimes less and sometimes more. It really just depends on the paint itself.

Details are very important to me. If I need a pen stripe and it happens to go across 4 to 5 panels (which they often do) I will take the time and be sure it lines up perfectly. I will not sacrifice a design to allow for an easier paint. If I need to go into the sim 50 times to be sure I get something lined up just right then I will. Most my work is custom which will take more time then a replica. I have done a couple replica's though and made sure they matched as perfectly as I could. Again, I am about the details. Things like contingencies, names, camera's, logo's, etc... will be placed in the best spots possible to accomplish a quality paint.

If you request a paint, this is how it normally goes. I will PM back and forth with you about what you are generally looking for. Including anything you really want like sponsors, special names, color etc. As I progress through the paint I will generally send PM's with pictures to show the progress and the direction I am going in. If it is a Replica, you will not see these as often because I know what it is that is wanted. As I show the progress pictures it gives the customer time to make requests or suggestions and we go from there. However, I am the creator of the paint. Which means that if you try to instruct me step by step on what to do then I am not the man for the job. You cannot be the painter but have me do the work. That does not mean I am not open to suggestions and that you will not get what you want. It just means that I need to be able to create the paint, not just do the work for a paint you want to create. I hope that makes since and does not come off the wrong way. One thing to keep in mind as well is that the early looks are for the basic concept of the paint. It is often hard to tell how well it will look until all the pieces are put together.

I take very much pride in my paints and because of that it is very important to me to produce the best product possible for you. I may put a small version of my logo on the paint as well. Nothing that will be easily noticed though or take away from the paint itself.

Sorry but I never give out the .psd or .xcf. (these are the layered version of the paints that the painters use to create the paint) You will get the .tga which is now your paint. You can upload it to Trading Paints or manually put it in your folder. Once uploaded to Trading Paints it will allow for others in the sim to see your new paint as well. You do not need the .psd or .xcf for that. You only need the .tga which is what you will recieve. There is a lot of work that goes into my paints. I take a lot of pride in my paints. When I do a paint or create one I selfishly do not want it changed. Because then, it is not my creation anymore. If someone adds or subtracts from the paint I did, It will still be a paint Jamie did but it may not look right now because of even small changes someone else made. And that will affect how people see my paints. There are other reasons as well that I will not discuss here. I hope you understand but this is a firm decision my friends.


I do not charge a flat fee per say. The fee will be decided by you. After the paint is completed I will show it to you in a few pictures via a PM. If you are happy with my final effort then you will make a donation via Paypal or occasionally iRacing credits. After which I will send you your paint. I am also willing to send the paint first if you do not have the funds at the time the paint is complete. You can always send it at a later time. If you are not happy with the paint you will let me know and I will move on to another customer. I hold no hard feelings to anyone that is not happy with a paint. I completely understand.

Occasionally I will do a free paint but paying customers will have to come first. As long as I have a paying customer in cue, then free paints will just have to wait. It is nothing personal but quality paints take quite some time and effort and those willing to pay for that time and effort will come first.

Donations for my paints are normally between $30 and $60. I have received as little as $20 and much more than $60. This really just depends on your budget and how well you like the paint. It really comes down to the customers idea of what the quality and detail is worth and their budget. The donation will be that amount the customer decides. I will not ask for a certain amount nor will I use the amount donated against the customer when it comes to future requests.

Lastly, I would not be painting if I did not enjoy it to some extent. I do this because I want to and not for a living. I have a 40/week job that pays the bills. I do however use the money from iRacing paints to help pay for my site, subscriptions and templates if needed. I can also spend 20+ hours on a paint very easily and even though I do enjoy it, I have no problem with someone appreciating my time. That about covers it my friends. If you have any questions please feel free to send me a PM. There is a link on the front page of the site.

Thank you all for your time.