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U.S. Tribute Gen6 SS (Custom)

Peter Gonzalez asked if I would do a custom Gen 6 SS for him that incorporated his family members and friends that are in the service and one that passed during the 9-11 attacks. I wanted to come up with something that worked for the 3 and the flag was my base idea. It took me some time to get many things lined up but I am proud to be able to do this for him. Please Peter, thank your family and friends for their service and my thoughts are with you on your loss my friend. Special thanks to Mr. Rundell for his great layers.
Stop the Stigma Gen6 SS (Custom)

Devin had a few requests for this paint including "Stop the Stigma" as the main sponsor, lime green if possible, Zaxby's on the back and stuff like that. "Stop the Stigma" does not really have a sponsor, it is just a saying used in the Mental Health arena to support the idea that mental health is a real condition. So I thought stop signs were a great fit for a design and we went from there. Special thanks to Reed Rundell for his highlight layers.
Autism Awareness Gen6 SS (Custom)

Donnie asked for a Gen 6 SS with Autism as the main sponsor, Tro-Kar and Lunati as secondaries. Some preferred colors were Blue, Black etc..... Autism has many different types of pieces and different versions of the ribbon etc. I just kind of did my own thing all around here with hints from some official stuff.
STP 77' Gen6 SS (Custom/Replica)

David asked if I would transition and older STP, (77') to the New Gen 6 SS. Dave also requested the yellow for the goodyear. This paint was a bit more difficult than I was anticipating. Special thanks to Mr. Rundell for his layers.
Coast Guard Gen6 Fusion (Custom)

Christian has a wife that is in the Coast Guard and asked If I would do a Coast Guard paint scheme as an honor to her. Christian, please thank your wife for her service and I hope you like it my friend. Special thanks to Mr. Rundell for his great add on layers.
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Cheetos Gen6 SS (Custom)

David sent me a simple mock up and asked if I could paint a Cheetos Gen 6 car loosely based on it. I played a lot with different logos (mixed and matched) and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. Big thanks to Mr. Rundell for his wonderful layers of which I used many of.