#1 LiveStrong (Custom)

This was my very fist paint. A bit of a backstory: I was diagnosed with oral cancer in late 2003 and had to have a tumor and half my tounge cut out during a 9 hr surgery at Virginia Mason In Seattle Washington. I never chewed a day in my life and worked may have played a roll. I had a major neck disection and some other stuff done to do with my lymph nodes as well during the surgery. That is the short version but it was my insperation for this paint. This was not my best work and was just the beginning of my learning.
#2 AXE (Custom)

My second attempt at a paint. I was just looking for something to paint as I was still learning and was willing to give anything a try. I was making a pit stop when I noticed my AXE deoderant and thought.....thats kind of a cool look. And that is where this paint started.

Edit: Many, many paints after this was done. - After doing these paints for a while now and then looking at some of the original ones, it is clear I was still very new to painting. It is funny how what I thought looked good then and now are really two different things.
#3 ESPN (Custom) One of my first 5 paints.

Paint #3. A Custom paint, it came to me while watching sportscenter. This was definitely a different look but still one of my favorites to look at. A big thanks to Mr. Reed Rundell for some of his exceptional enhancements.
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#4 Waasawki (Custom)

#4 was My first request. Mr. Watson asked me to paint a truck with the main sponsor a music store owned by a friend of his. (Waasawki music group) He also requested it had the look of the office depot car with its colors and some other secondary sponsors he mentioned including Autism Speaks. This was my first truck paint.
#5 AirForce (Custom)

This paint was done as a Proud father of a new airman, my son James Petty jr. I have changed it a bit with some better layers and enhancements from the original. Special thanks to Mr. Reed Rundell for the enhacements. I love you kiddo. I would also like to add a special thanks to all the service men and woman around the world. Thank you all for your sacrafice.
#6 Verizon Dallara old indy...(Replica)

Mr. Watson requested a replica of Powers' Dallara. These dallara templates are a PAIN IN THE ASS in my opinion. lol The red stripe alone goes across 8 panels on just one side. I was very happy with my final effort here however.